We are going to discuss basic training for your smooth
puppy. Not obedience training  but house breaking,
good manners,  and basic training to promote your
puppy as a family member in good standing.

Chows enjoy  routine and  structure.    They prefer having
a place of their own. We recommend create training 
your  chow puppy.  The create is to be used as their
             apartment and den. The create should be large  enough for
your chow to stand up, turn around  and lay down comfortably. 
Place  a  mat and some  toys in the create. 
The create should be open  wire so the  chow can 
see  around the room.  Place the create in the room
you are in during the day.
       At night  place the create where you want   your chow to sleep.
Usually  in your bedroom.
                 A create is  a nice way to  housebreak your puppy.
Place your puppy on a toileting schedule !

      This means you  take the puppy out at a specific time every
      day.  First thing in the morning, after breakfast, around
     lunch time, after dinner, mid-evening and  before bed
This  will prevent accidents.Always use the 
same door to go outside. This will help
      the puppy learn when he/she ask to go out.
           Once your puppy is house broken you may  have
                    an open door create. Meaning that you leave the door
               open so the puppy may come and go.

              Feed  your  young puppy  twice - three times a day.
                     Most breeders will recommend a dog food to you when you
                       purchase the puppy. Select a feeding place and stick with it.
                      If you have multiple dogs in the family this is important.
                Each one should have their own feeding  place.
              This also includes staying in ones own space!
             The Key is consistency and have fun with your puppy!

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