Proper grooming requires the proper equipment.
Two combs, slicker brush,  boar hair brissle brush,
scissors,  guillotine type toenail clippers
or nail grinder, quick stop,  q-tips,
shampoo, a blow dryer and plenty of towels.
Practice placing your puppy on  the grooming table
and brushing them. This will help the puppy get
used to the table, do it while  they are young. 
Make this a happy experience for your puppy.
Bathing and grooming are much easier
if you have combed the dead coat out of the
chow first.I also trim the nails prior to bathing.
The quick stop is used if you trim the nail too
short and it begins to bleed.

I also trim the hair that maybe sticking out between 
the pads of the  feet. Trim the hair even with the pad.
Place a towel in the tub for your puppy to stand on,
the tub gets very slippery. Regulate the water temp.
Place your puppy in the tub, wet him/her all over, 
then apply the shampoo, shampoo the puppy, rinse well !
We stress rinse well, for you should never leave
any soap in the coat ! Apply conditioner to the coat.
Towel dry the puppy while still
in the tub.Make sure you dry the inside of the ears.
Place the puppy on the grooming table.
Proceed to brush and comb the coat getting
all the way to the skin,
using the blow dryer to separate the coat
and dry the puppy.