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Prior to choosing a puppy you need to do
your homework. This means you need to
research the chow breed and find out for what
purpose they were bred. What is their adult
size, what is their personality,the amount of
grooming and coat care is needed.This is one
area where I feel the smooth has an
advantage. The smooth still has the double
coat, however the length is much shorter
and there should be no feathering on
the legs and they do not have the mane.

You then need to decide if you are interested
in a show or pet quality puppy. One way to
figure out is read and understand the breed
standard. Know what to look for in both,
read about the pigment, movement,
proportions and balance.Next you will
want to know which sex you prefer and why
you made that choice.As in most breeds
the females are usually smaller than the males.

If you are looking for a companion
pet you need to seriously consider spay
or neutering your chow.If you are looking
for show quality you need to attend dog
shows and observe the chow in motion
in the ring. The nice thing about the
smooth chow is what you see is what you get!
Talk to smooth chow breeders.

Masterpiece Barrington

Always buy from a breeder!!