CH. Loray's Lifes Litte Reward
Bred by Loretta Lyons
   Born 9/4/2001             Passed 1/2/2005

 We will never forget my wonderful girl..
She lives on in her Daughter

"Miracle".. who survived her Death !!


  Kobys Bloomin Buttercup
OWNED BY Loretta Lyons
                 Born 1/13/89          Died  10/18/02
Buttercup was my foundation, My friend. ..My Love..

 and Most OF  ALL  "MY Life"

     BISS CH. Loray's Mythical Thor
  OWNED  and Bred BY Loretta Lyons
            Born  04/27/90           Died   06/28/03
Thor was my first Homebred Champion..son Of Buttercup .
He was known for his sweetness and Beauty.
 I will never forget My one in A  Lifetime  Chow!!!

   Loray's Swords Edge
  OWNED  and Bred BY Loretta Lyons
            Born  3/1/99        Died 8/5/06
Sharp was my little boy.. only 38lbs.. He drew everyone to him,
   as he loved bouncing on his trampoline.. 
I hope he has a new one  at the  Rainbow Bridge.


   Seastar's Chief Stairwalker 
Dec.10, 1992 - April 23, 2005
Owned and loved by Nancy & Dennis Davis


  Alex The Great
" Boo Boo"
February 26,1992 -August 6, 2005
Alex was owned and loved by Becca & Mark

Sammy Boy 
January 3, 1995-August 5, 2009


Lace  & Mom missing Sammy Boy

We just hold on as we have each other